What is You Tube shorts |You Tube Shorts Features and Benefits

1. You Tube Shorts

Finally, you tube has launched it’s new short vedio creation platform named as YouTube Shorts. After Tik tok banned in India, people are searching same type of platform for short vedio creation and you tube has initially launched this platform first in India. Just similar to Tik Tok, it has also many features like speed control, multi segment camera, countdown, timer etc. including some additional tools and features.

Similar to TikTok, You Tube Shorts will allow users to create a short video and they can upload vedios on you tube app. Users can also create and stitch short duration videos all together with creator tool provided by you tube. User can also add music from library and use speed control feature.

Initially you tube has launched it’s beta version in India. You tube shorts feature includes a new camera and ease to use editing tools. You can make up to 15 sec. vedios on this platform and can be seen on the YouTube homepage. Also users who don’t have access to shorts camera they can still upload 60-second-long vedios, with Shorts Hashtags.

You tube shorts is currently available on android app and iOS platform and not available for PCs and notebook. You can create 15 second or less duration vedio here. Some more features will be added in future as per user’s feedback and experience. Here you can add music and edit to vedio clips with many features.

Presently you tube Shorts monetization feature is not available and you tube will keep update, if monetization available in future.

2. How to Create Shorts

You can use shorts platform from You Tube android app with new Plus icon placed. Now you need to click on create icon and can enjoy this amazing short vedio creation platform.  

You Tube ShortsYou Tube ShortsYou Tube Shorts

3. Features & Benefits

You tube provide various features to vedio creators. Some important features & Benefits listed below:

1. Short vedio creation.

2. Upload short vedios of 15 sec. or less.

3. Multi segment camera feature

4. Vedio speed control feature

5. Countdown and timer feature

6. Music addition to vedios from you tube library.

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