What is Signal and How to use it | Signal app Features and Benefits

1. Signal:

Today as per new WhatsApp privacy terms & conditions, everyone is worried about data privacy and its security. People are looking some alternate solution of this problem. Elon musk introduces a new Signal messaging app as a new alternative solution and replacement of WhatsApp.

Signal is a free messaging application developed by Signal Messenger LLC and available on both android and iOS platforms. You can download this app from google play store in android phones. This app is developed in USA and is specially designed to send encrypted text messages, audio, images and video messages for individuals as well as groups. We can use this app with same WhatsApp number. You can also use this app for encrypted phone calls between one signal user to another.

This app is more secure compare to other app as all messages are end-to-end encrypted, means no one can read your message. Neither signal nor any other third party can read your message because when messages sends by a sender on server, stores in a code form and safely delivered to receiver.

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2. Signal Features:

  • Signal is a private messaging app allows users to send one to one and group text messages, sending audio files, Image files, voice and vedios.
  • This app also supports Group messaging.
  • All communications of signal users are automatically end-to-end encrypted. This feature makes it more safe and secure then other messaging app.
  • This app supports individual’s audio and vedio calls over internet but not support group calls.
  • You can save your important reminder notes by Note to self-option. This note can be seen only by you.
  • For safety and security purpose Signal allows users to automatically blur faces of people in photos to protect their identities.
  • Other Features including Last seen setting, Light & Dark Mode, Screen Lock, Read Receipt etc. also available just like in WhatsApp.
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3. Download Link:


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