Corona Virus Symptoms, Precautions, Safety Measures| How to Protect Yourself


1. About:

Today as we all aware about CORONA Virus which is also known as Novel Corona Virus or in scientific name COVID- 19 a Pandemic as well as infectious Disease, Increasing day by day Rapidly over worldwide. Its main origin is China and many experts believe that It came from animals as well as originated in bats or Pangolins. Corona Virus Symptoms are like common flu, fever, cough and related problems. This Virus has mostly spread through contact of One person to other. Here we will try to understand all aspects of Corona Virus Symptoms, Precautions and Safety Measures

2. How Does it spreads:
When a person Breathe out or Coughing & Sneezing, The small Particle of Droplets spread out up to 3 to 5 Feet Distance and if other person in contact of this area or with close contact of Infected person then it may be possible that  these droplets can enter the mouth, nose or any other part of body through infected person. Means direct contact with infected person like shake hands, touching things by infected person and same thing like Surface/ Object Touched by other Person then the person can get infected.
Droplets which contains the virus also can spread on surfaces or objects and someone can pick up the virus by touching these surface or object. if the person then touches their nose, eyes, or mouth, That person can get infected. This virus can survive on air up- to 3 Hours, on Paperboard 1 Day and in Plastic material up to 3 days.
3. Symptoms:
1High Fever
2Facing problem in Breathing
4Sore throat
5Muscle pain
7Loss of taste or smell
9Feeling Weekness
10Other specific symptoms
4. Precautions & Safety Measures | How to Protect Yourself:
1We should Clean our hands Regularly with soap and water or Alcohal based Sanitizer at regular time of intervals
2We should Cover our Mouth and Nose at the time of Coughing and Sneezing with Hankerchief, Tissue Paper, Sleeve or turned elbow. Also Throw Tissue Paper or wash Handkerchief immediately.
3Wear a mask and we can use Home made mask or handkerchief and should not be touched during use. If Mask gets dirtly or wet, we should remove it and change immediately.
4Avoid close contact with any infected person or having symptoms with cold, flu, sneezing.
5Stay at home and avoid unnecessary outing from home
6Clean and Disinfect Surfaces/ Objects like almirah handle, Door Handle, Mobile etc. regularly
7If anyone found corona symptoms, he/she should take proper steam, try to drink mostly Lukewarm water, use black pepper & ginger tea, Take veg & healthy food, take proper sleep and other medicines as well as precautions prescribed by doctor.
8Imrpove Immunity level of body. Please see my article on how to improve immunity.
9Avoid touching your face & Keep Social Distancing.

Tip+ :Wash hands regularly, use face mask, keep social distancing and boost immunity level is best way to prevent infectious Disease, As Prevention is better than cure.

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