15 Best Useful WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Today almost everyone using WhatsApp on smartphone. We all using it in a simple way and using common features. But there are so many useful hidden tricks and tips of WhatsApp, we should know because sometimes we need it and as per requirement we can use and change its setting. Below listed some useful WhatsApp tips and trick, we should try.

1. Send message on WhatsApp without saving contact number

As we all know that to send message over WhatsApp for any new contact we need to first save that number which is time consuming and effect on phone memory and appearance setting.  So if we don’t want to save contact number and send message direct then type below URL on browser:


remember here X will be replaced with 10-digit contact number. here after phone we need to enter first country code like India’s country code is 91 and then followed by 10-digit mobile number. Now you will redirect to that particular number on WhatsApp and can send message directly.

2. How to remove blue tick from WhatsApp message

Blue ticks in WhatsApp indicates that message is read by you. But sometimes you don’t like to show blue ticks to recipient. For this you simply need to enable aeroplane mode then go to that particular message and read it. After that close WhatsApp and disable aeroplane mode. Now other person unable to see whether message was read by you or not.

Another method simply clicks on 3 vertical dots icon on top right corner then follow below steps:

WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy.

whatsapp Whatsapp Whatsapp

Uncheck Read receipts.

But the drawback of this setting you won’t send or receive read receipt.

3. How to use Star option in WhatsApp

Sometimes we need to save some important messages separately. Just like in browser we need to bookmark some important websites, same here through star option we can save some important and particular messages in one place.

For this simply select particular message you want to save, then you can see a star icon on top of your WhatsApp screen, simply click on it. Now your message has been saved in a particular location and you can see anytime through Starred Messages option by taping 3 vertical dots icon on top right corner.


4. How to format text in Bold, Underline or Italics in WhatsApp

Sometimes in WhatsApp you don’t want to send plain and normal text and make it as a bold, italic, Strikethrough, monospace or underline. In this way you can highlight a particular text in some different way and sent it to read on priority basis. It works on both android and iOS.

How to bold in WhatsApp is another tricky way. If you want to send text as a bold then you can simply press star before and after text.

Whatsapp Whatsapp

Similarly, for italics in WhatsApp text, use underscore before and after of text.

To Strikethrough text, use horizontal dollar sign before and after text.

Another way to bold, Italicize or Strikethrough text, first select all text which you want to format, then tap right corner 3 dots and select bold, Italicize or Strikethrough option by scrolling down. You can choose and try other options as well.

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5. How to share WhatsApp Live Location

WhatsApp provide facility to share your live location with your friends, relatives or any individual chat or a group. This feature is very useful when you want to know any particular address or location or share your live location with family or friends. This feature is static and keeps updating as per your movement.

To share your WhatsApp live location, go to below share icon and choose location option as per below image. Now click on share live location option.  It will ask you time frame, means how long you want to share this live location and provides you 3 option like 15 min., 1 hour or 8 Hour. So as per requirement you can set time limit of your location. You can also add any comment below, while choosing this time frame option. Also you can stop your live location anytime with stop sharing popup option.

Whatsapp Whatsapp Whatsapp

6. How to Hide WhatsApp Last seen

This is Another very useful feature of WhatsApp. When you want to hide WhatsApp last seen with someone and don’t want to let anyone know about your last online time, then you can enable this feature and use quickly. In this way you can keep your online time private.

To enable this feature go to settings then Accountà Privacy. Now tap on Last seen and here 3 options will appear-

Everyone, My contacts or Nobody


So as per your requirement you can choose any one option to show your last seen and keep your last seen private.

7. How to stop automatic media download on WhatsApp

Automatic download of pics, vedios, audio or any file is a big problem of whtsapp. This automatic and unnecessary downloads not only cut phone’s gallery but also waste our lots of storage and data. Sometimes due to this phone hang problem arises. So to get rid of this auto download problem follow below steps

To stop auto, download go to Top right corner and tap on Settings.

Settings–> Chat settings–>Media Auto download

Now you will find 3 options

  • When using mobile data
  • When connected on WiFi
  • When Roaming

Whats app

Now tap above each one and disable all option by unchecking Photos, Audio, Videos and documents and finally click ok.

In this way you can stop auto download feature and save data as well as storage.

8. How to run two WhatsApp accounts on one phone

If you have dual sim phone, then you can use and make calls separately from both numbers. But you cannot use 2 different whtsapp account on same phone. To solve this issue, you can download third party app from google play store.

For using 2 WhatsApp account on same number first you need to install Parallel Space app from google play store. After installing app, it will immediately take into clone app page. Now tap the parallel screen option. Now it will ask you to register with second whtsapp account and you need to follow simple WhatsApp installation process.

Whatsapp Tips

Now you are all set to use 2 different WhatsApp account with same mobile number.

9. How to restore deleted WhatsApp messages

Sometimes accidently and by mistake whtsapp chat deleted and we regretted. Then we don’t have any setting option to recover it. But we can do this by chat backup. Simply follow below step to recover your deleted chat.

First we need to take current WhatsUP chat backup manually from Last backup option. Now quickly uninstall whtsapp from mobile, then again install it and complete setup it.

Once install it will prompt to restore your backup file, so now hit on restore option. It will take some time to restore your all chat history.

You can restore your chat backup files by following above same process through google drive and cloud. You can use this method for both Android and iOS both.

10. How to restrict someone from adding you to WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp group is a popular feature and provide a facility to connect with family and friends at one place. In WhatsApp group we can add many people in a group and communicate each other. But in this feature anyone can add you in a group randomly, which gets irritating, if group is not relevant or desired. So now you can stop adding you by someone, through change setting.

To stop adding by someone to add in a group, goto settings option and follow below settings option

Settings–> Account–> Privacy–> Groups

Whatsapp Tips Whatsapp Tips

In Groups you will find 3 options

Who can add me to Groups

·         Everyone

·         My Contacts

·         My Contacts Except.

Now you can choose any one above option as per your convenience and restrict to add anyone in a group randomly.

11. How to hide WhatsApp chats

Sometimes you want to hide your personal WhatsApp chat with someone. Although WhatsApp chat is end to end encrypted i. e. not shared in WhatsApp and chat data is always protected. But sometimes our belongings and others wants to read our personal chats. So WhatsApp provides archive feature to hide your personal chat.

To hide personal chat first select that particular chat and long press, now archive option will appear, simply click on it and it all set now.

Whatsapp Tips

Now if you want to unhide again then go to chat bottom and press archive option.

12. How to enable dark mode on WhatsApp

Whtsapp dark mode gives you another dark background brighter look, if you feeling bore with light mode.

To enable dark mode, go to settings–> Chat–> Theme

Whatsapp Tips

In Theme option you will get three choice Light, Dark and system default. Now choose dark option and you all set to get a new look.

13. How to create stickers on WhatsApp

WhatsApp gives you bunch of stickers to use in your WhatsApp chat. But you can create your own personalised stickers on android smartphone. It’s amazing trick.

First you need to install sticker maker app for WhatsApp app. Once installed this app now open create a new sticker pack. Now tap on tray icon and you will get screen to pick an image from your phone to draw sticker. You need to upload desired image from mobile and crop image i. e. select area of image to make sticker as per your requirement. You can add upto 30 personalised stickers once. Now tap on bottom right

Whatsapp Tips Whatsapp Tips Whatsapp Tips Whatsapp Tips

Corner and it will ask to publish it simply click on yes and select WhatsApp add option.

Now sticker pack will be accessible on WhatsApp. Now go to WhatsApp chat and view stickers option and finally you would get all created stickers here.

14. How to download your WhatsApp data

Sometimes you need to change contact no. of WhatsApp and create a new account. Now you want to access data like contacts, profile photos, and groups (excluding Media files & message) and need to apply all same settings as per last account. So whtsap has request account info feature to download your last account data as well settings info.

For this you must have latest version of WhatsApp. It will work for both iOS and anroid phones. Now follow below steps:

For android & iOS Phones:

Go to Settings–> Account–> Request Account Info–> Request Report

Whatsapp Tips Whatsapp Tips

15. How to setup fingerprint lock on WhatsApp

WhatsApp provides a feature to secure your WhatsApp chat with fingerprint & face lock biometric. This feature is available on latest version of whtsapp. So first you need to update your old WhatsApp version.

To do this follow below steps:

Settings–> Account–> Privacy–> Fingerprint Lock

Whatsapp Tips Whatsapp Tips

Now enable unlock with fingerprint option. You can also set automatic lock duration like for after 1 minute, immediately or after 30 minutes. Now you are all set to secure WhatsApp.

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