10 Best Android apps for Small Business and entrepreneurship

Today entrepreneurship & small business increasing day by day.  So people facing different types of problems like invoice generation, Track business records, Time management, Reminders, Budget management etc. Below listed 10 Best android apps which is most useful for business and entrepreneurship:

1. Gim Books

Gim Book is specially designed to generate invoice and help to manage invoice and billing to customers. This app is very useful for small business and entrepreneur who are looking for proper invoice & billing format to send their customers in professional manner. This app is very flexible and easy to use interface.

Gim Books app helps you to create and manage waybills, invoices, e-waybills, purchase order, payment receipts, quotations, delivery challans, cash receipts etc. You can use it for free 21 days and later on very cheap price on yearly basis.


  • Generate invoices and manage accounts
  • Enable to generate delivery challan
  • Enable to generate Payment Receipt
  • Purchase order
  • e-waybills
  • cash receipts
  • Support upto 11 Languages
  • Easy GST billing and invoicing software. 
  • Create sales return and purchase return

Download Link:


Rating: 4.5

Business Web Hosting
2. Slack

Slack is very useful for any Business organization, Company or entrepreneurship. This app is specially designed to create business groups and their communication purpose. It is very easy to use and provide flexibility and transparency to show business activities among business group peoples.

This app is very helpful for team communication and collaboration into one place. You can show any business activities among business group people.


  • Provide communication within team or group and organize conversation by project, any specific topic.
  • Chat/ Message or call within group or team.
  • Edit, share and collaborate documents within group or right people.
  • Integrate the tools and services
  • Customized notification and alert.

Download Link:


Rating: 4.1

3. Evernote

Evernote is useful to store business ideas and notes and you can access anytime. Sometimes we forget to remember business meetings time and other information due to our busy schedule. So this app provides us reminder feature of scheduled meetings and place.

In this way this app is very helpful to collect and store business ideas, instant notes, business Planner, memos organizer and much more. Here you can Add to-do’s, photos, images, web pages, or audio and easily searchable.


  • Work as an organizer like write, collect and store ideas which is easy searchable.
  • Attach Microsoft Office docs, PDFs and photos
  • Create separate notebooks to organize memos, receipts, bills and invoices
  • You can Sync all your notes over any phone, tablet or computer,
  • Create personal to do list in an organized manner
  • You can Set reminder to keep top activities
  • You can access Evernote faster & easier on Home screen widget

Download Link:


Rating: 4.2

4. Fudget

Fudget is a very popular app and specially designed to manage Budget and expense of business and tracking them. Once you set a monthly budget and then you need to put expenses time to time and month end it will automatically calculate budget and its expenses and provide all data about your expenses, savings, generated revenues etc.

In this way this app is very helpful to manage budget and expenses in an organized way. You can keep track each and expense here and can make future decisions on the basis of this data.


  • Help to manage personal finance budget & save money.
  • Provide a simple list of income & expenditure items.
  • User friendly and easy to use interface.
  • Optional date column
  • Keep your personal finance information secure.
  • currency symbols 
  • Mark a specific expenditure / income item
  • Keep track of all income and expenses items in an organized manner.
  • Flexible budget and expense tracking

Download Link:


Rating: 4.7

5. Ok Credit

Ok Credit is another best android app specially designed for small business owners and their customer. This app is used for Credit and debit management purpose. You can keep track of all receivables and payables digitally. Here you can easily manage all your business transactions like all credits, borrow of customers and other payable or receivable amount. in simple words, it is a digital ledger account book.

You can Add your Customers, Record Transactions, Send Payment Reminders, Receive Payments and much more.

In this way ok credit app enables you to recording of all credit and payment transactions and simplify your all business transactions.


  • Multi – Language Support
  • Add customers to keep track of all receivable and payable
  • Reports and Account Statements
  • Timely Collection Reminder to customer for payments.
  • Add, update and delete transactions of customers.

Download Link:


Rating: 4.7

6. Focus Keeper

Focus keeper is specially designed for time management purpose. We can manage our total work hours and time schedule in small time slots and keep focus on a particular task in timely manner. we can set timer for a particular time limit.

This app is ideal for Small business, entrepreneurs and students.

In this way we can complete our task in timely manner and get more productive result in business.


  • You can Breakdown work into small time intervals like 25 minutes’ time interval.
  • Processing, Tracking, recording, and visualizing any task.
  • Set the timer ideally for 25 Minutes
  • Can create many tasks as you want as per to-do list.
  • keep track of your daily progress with statistics screen.

Download Link:


Rating: 3.3

7. Walnut

Walnut is a very Popular and best android app used to manage all business expenses and keep track of all records. You can keep track of your all daily, weekly and monthly expenses and set budget accordingly.

In this way walnut app is works like a money manager and very helpful to manage all dues and expenses.


  • Keep Track of all expenses to control unnecessary use of money and save it.
  • You can manage and Keep a close track of all dues like electricity bill, Credit card bill, Loan EMI etc.
  • You can generate expense reports (in PDF & CSV format)
  • Find ATMs with cash nearby location in real time
  • Keep track bank balance

Download Link:


Rating: 4.3

8. Tick Tick

Tick Tick is a very useful app to make daily to do list. A businessman having so many tasks on daily basis, so it is very difficult to remember each task. This app helps us to make our day to day task list and provide a complete solution of task manager.


  • Variety of beautiful themes
  • You can view business calendar in grid format
  • Add up to 5 reminders to each task
  • checklist format and type a description in the same task
  • You can Make a check mark once a task completed.
  • Create schedule, manage time, stay focused on a specific task, Work deadlines reminder.

Download Link:


Rating: 4.6

9. Pocket

If you are browsing or searching over internet and suddenly found useful article or information which you want to store for future reference, then Pocket app is very helpful.

You can save any article, news, web page, vedio/ audio. Pocket Application have web extension which you can sync and access by e mail. You can save web post/ Article on mobile and PC both for future reference.


  • You can save Article/ Content, Vedio, News, Web Post and open anytime for future reference.
  • Listen to articles turns any news story, article, or blog post into a hands-free, eyes-free learning experience.
  • Support phone, tablet and computer
  • Pocket Premium features including advanced search, unlimited highlights and automatic article backups.

Download Link:


Rating: 4.6

10. Google Primer

Under small business category Google primer is a perfect and best android app. You can learn Business and digital marketing skills on Google Primer app at free of cost. Reading includes Quotation here, Learn subject wise Lesson on daily basis.

In this way You can learn all basics of Business and Digital Marketing on Google primer app. This application supports offline platform.


  • You can learn here business planning, management, sales, digital advertising, social media, content marketing, SEO, analytics, branding, and much more as per your time convenience.
  • Multiple language support
  • Keep track of your skill learning progress
  • Track your progress and update your goals anytime by visiting your profile.
  • Pick skills that match your goals and get relevant lessons to learn

Download Link:


Rating: 4.7

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