What is Google People Card and How to Create online | Google Virtual Visiting Card

1. What is Google People Card

Google has launched a new virtual People Card which is helpful to identify people an online platform for individual, business, and freelancing purposes. Google People Card is helpful to showcase your profile as an individual, designers, developers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, Influencers, etc.

People Card is working as an online virtual business identity card. It identifies you not only in India but if you are working as a freelancer or involved in any other business for any other country then it will helpful to showcase your profile all over the world. If you search on google your name, then your complete profile will display as per information provided by you on this account.

2. How to Create People Card Online

To create your personal google card you must be having a google account. Also, fist google verifies your details then publishes its online platform. This service has launched on the Android/ iOS platform and You can create an account on mobile and not desktop or laptop. Below steps to create people card online.

1: To create People Card, first you must have a Google account means Gmail account and login/sign in and search your name on Google Search. After that as per below screen click on Get Started option.

2: Now click on “Okay got it”” option as per below screen-

3: Now a form will appear and fill your details like name, Location, About, Occupation, work, Education, website URL, Social profiles, Email ID, Phone Number, etc.

4: Now it will ask mobile number for verification. Select India Country code and fill it. You will get OTP in your mobile number to verify your account. Put OTP and click on Next button.

5: Finally, click on Save option. Now when you search your name then it will appear your details but there will be multiple profiles will appear, so better identify yourself you need to upload your picture, which you can add your picture from edit option.

6: Now Your People card is visible on google search. You can edit your profile with necessary changes anytime. Your people card will look like below Screen Example-

3. Benefits of Google People Card
  • People can search on google and see your complete profile online all over worldwide. So it is very helpful to see your virtual presence online.
  • It is also very helpful for job seekers, freelancers, businessmen or any individual. your virtual profile presence will help you to get business leads, jobs, Freelancing work from all over the world easily.
4. How secure is People Card

As we know it is a Google product, so no need to worry and it is completely secure to misuse by someone, from hackers or any other unauthorized access. To Avoid spamming calls, it is suggested that you should hide your contact no. from account/ Profile settings to make invisible.

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